What's done early in the design process will have huge impacts on the performance of the end product. Investment of well thought-out design, verified with properly executed analysis, will ensure the desired performance of the proposed project.

The design-analysis approach is the reason-for-being of Schreiner Design. Early involvement in the design process is Schreiner Design's expertise- working with the design and construction team. Schreiner Design excels in guiding clients that seek to attain quality without excess, while respecting natural surroundings.


Schreiner Design can prepare a concept plan that addresses the client’s needs and desires, or use a plan supplied by the client


The concept plan is modeled to determine its energy performance characteristics.
Schreiner Design uses modeling software that satisfies the Passive House building standard.
Site-specific performance targets have been set using local climate conditions and are cost-optimized for local construction practice. The performance targets guide the design of the building assembly. This process produces a building design that is extremely energy efficient with a superior indoor environment.


The modeling results are reviewed with the client to determine if desired performance has been reached. Adjustments can then be made to ensure the desired performance with consideration to the cost of the proposed design. This process can be performed with the client or their architect during the construction drawing process.

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Webinar: Passive House Design and Construction in North Carolina

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